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New Beginnings

Whew! Its been a wild 6 weeks. As I am writing this I am on the last two days of work at a job I have been at for over 20 years. Yes, I retired from a job of 20 years. When I started at RADIAS I never thought in a million years I would be here this long but it became a family and its hard to leave a family. This was not something I was planning on doing and the opportunity came up out of the blue. I actually applied for it cause I thought there was no way they would even call me for an interview. Maybe that was Gods way of saying nope Jody you don't get to coast any more. I am sad, scared and excited. I can do my current job in my sleep and now I am going somewhere were I need to learn everything all over again. To say that my anxiety is through the roof is an understatement.

My new gig: I am going to be a full time employee of Riley Blake Designs. I will be the sales rep for the MN and Wisconsin region. I start next Monday and I am so excited to be working for an Riley Blake. I love the company and the product they produce is always top notch. I have never done sales but I love fabric and sewing so I think I can figure out the rest. I will also be able to still work on Purple Daisy Quilt Designs and The Cake Pan Lady. I am very excited about this new opportunity. More to come on this when I get started.

I am working on a new pattern. I think I have a name but I am still deciding on it. Here is a sneak peak. I haven't even started the first sample so it will likely be fall before this releases but I am still designing. This summer I have been sewing more samples of my current patterns and made a few bags.

I did something today that I have never done before I signed up for a retreat where I know no one. It is also out of state so that makes it even scarier. This little introvert hates doing stuff like that. I am super excited to experience what others are doing in the quilting world.

I think that is enough change and new things for now. If you are interested in wholesale I have updated my wholesale page so check that out. I have five patterns available for sale and some gift type notions available for purchase. If you are local you can sign up to do local pick up this way you don't have to pay shipping.

Be sure to follow me on social media to be the first to know when things are happening.

Until next time,


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