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New Quilt Pattern-Quinn

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well. I have been busy over here getting this gem ready for you and prepping for my very first live show with Millie P's Quilt shop on Monday. I will chat more about that after I talk about Quinn. I mentioned before that I love naming my patterns after people. I will sometimes have a connection to them and some not. Quinn was the first name that popped into my head when I looked at the finished product. According to Google, Quinn is rooted in Scottish/Irish and Latin cultures. It means intelligence and inspiration, which is what I felt when I designed this pattern. The idea for Quinn came about when I decided to save the cut off pieces from Patricia's snowball blocks. I used those pieces and sewed them into half square triangles and came up with the first sample. The size of the blocks and block arrangement is different than the finished product but the overall look is the same.

It's made using Half Square Triangles that are sewn into Diamond Blocks and Nine-Patch Blocks. I added background fabric and two borders and you have Quinn. It's a great pattern to just sit and sew because you make all your Half Square Triangles first and then you make your blocks.

It includes cutting instructions and fabric requirements for 4 different sizes; Table Runner, Baby, Small Lap and Large Lap. I made a sample of the Table Runner, Baby and Small Lap Quilt. You can make it so that it has the same color fabrics in the corners of the Nine-Patch Blocks (pic above) or scrappy by using different fabrics in the corners of the Nine-Patch Blocks (pic below).

It is Fat Quarter friendly but you can also use scraps from your stash especially for the Table Runner and Baby size. I made two versions of the Table Runner. The first version I used Lori Holt fabrics including the background. The Table Runner measures 22-1/2" x 52-1/2" so its a good size for a long table or it can used at the end of a bed.

The second version of the Table Runner I used the left over fabrics from the cover quilt. I ended up doing something a little different with the large border because I didn't have enough fabric to do the borders the same. It's ok to do something different and out of the norm of traditional quilting. Like Gudrun from GE Designs says, "be a Rebel and make it your own". As you can see in the picture below I used two different fabrics for the outside borders. I did make sure they wrapped around the same side so it looked a little more uniform.

The cover quilt measures 52-1/2" x 62-1/2". I used a combination of Alison Glass and Giucy Giuce fabrics. I made the corners of the Nine-Patch blocks the same. I just love the colors and texture in this quilt. The pattern leans a little more on the traditional side but the fabric makes it look more modern. That is what I love about fabric and how it can change the look and feel of a pattern by using different styles and color combos.

We all make mistakes and I made one in this quilt. The first person to tell me where it is in the comments of this post will get a free digital pattern of Quinn. Of course I didn't notice it until it was done and I was editing the pattern. Mistakes are ok and we need to be less critical of ourselves and others when we make them. Mistakes are what makes our quilts unique and one of kind.

The last sample I made is the baby size and it measures 42-1/2" x 52-1/2". I came up with the colors for this sample by taking a color card I saved from Pinterest and pulling fabrics from my collection of fabrics to match it. I used solids and prints with a small print in the background fabric. This was so fun to make. I just love how happy this quilt makes me feel.

I am thinking of making another sample but this time I want to do the background in a darker fabric and use either light colors for the blocks or very bright colors. Doesn't that sound interesting. I will share when I get it done. Quinn is available in Digital and Paper versions and can be purchased on my shop page. If you are a quilt shop and would like to carry my patterns you can email me at Be sure to sign up for my newsletter which will have new blog posts that highlight new items coming to my shop. Follow me on social media where I post lots of updates and videos. If you make a version of Quinn be sure to share on social media under the hashtags #purpledaisyquiltdesigns and #quinnpattern. I will be watching to see what you come up with.

The other exciting thing I have been working on is preparing for my very first live show. My patterns will be featured on Millie P's Facebook Live, Monday July 25th at 7pm. They will be showing samples of all my patterns and selling the patterns that night. I am so excited that I get to work with one of my favorite quilt shops in Minnesota. I would love it if everyone would come and check it out. Millie P's always has such amazing fabrics and notions to show.

Thank you so much for all your support. I greatly appreciate it.

Until Next time,


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