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Thank you for your interest in stocking Purple Daisy Quilt Designs patterns.


What makes me unique is I self print which allows me to customize my patterns. 

What does this mean for you the shop owner? 

I am able to take the cover photo and switch it out so that it will match the sample/kits you make in your shop. 

I have Quilt samples to lend shops and if time allows I will make samples for the shop.  

Minimum order is six. It does not have to be the six of the same pattern.  

If you customize I do require a minimum order of six of the same kind of pattern. 


If you are interested in carrying any of my patterns please fill out the form below. 

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Patricia_Front page.jpg
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Thanks for Ordering!

Lecture/Trunk Show:
I would love to come and speak at your local quilt guild or women's group. 
I will do a 60-90 min lecture with Trunk show.
If you are interested in me coming and speaking email me at for more details.    


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