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Happy Mother's Day

2 years ago this week we lost our mom Patricia to cancer. I would like to tell you a little about my mom.

She was tough, resilient, funny, and a hard worker. I am not sure she was afraid of anyone. She was loved by everyone who met her. She had very little but gave to anyone she could. She loved to sing and dance. She loved being outside tinkering in the yard and her down time was spent doing puzzles. She especially loved her grand kids. She has 6 grand kids all boys except 1; Kenzie. She lived for those grand kids.

I think someone said they Farted!

We were always having fun.

Some of the last pictures together.

Our mom wasn't always the best mom and she lived a hard life but she really tried. We knew she loved us whole heartily even if her actions didn't always say so. She taught us to love, to fight for what we want, to be resilient and to have fun. We miss her everyday. We love you mom.

In Honor of our Mom and all the hard working Moms out there everything is 20% off in my shop starting today through Friday.

Until next time,


Purple Daisy Quilt Designs

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