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End of Summer-Updates

Hello Everyone! I can not believe summer is almost over and fall is knocking on our back door. I love summer and I am always sad to see it go but I get more inspired to create in the Fall and Winter months. Let the creative juices flow.

I wanted to give you and update on what is happening at Purple Daisy Quilt Designs I started working on a new pattern but had to put that aside to work on a secret project for 2023. I can't wait to share that with you when I can. Once that is all done I will get back to the new pattern. I actually have two in the works and they are both awesome. Sneak peaks coming soon. Be sure to be following me on social media to see the sneak peaks and videos.

The other reason for the pause in releasing another pattern is I wanted to get my branding figured out. It has been on my list to do since I started Purple Daisy in May and now is the time to get that done. I want my patterns to stand out from others and be unique and I am hoping my new logo and pattern design will do that.

There are lots of exciting things coming with new pattens, secret projects and more. Until then I am running a sale in my shop to say Thank you for all the support. From now until next Wednesday the 17th use coupon code ENDOFSUMMER to get 15% off anything in my shop.

Until next time,


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