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Pattern Designer for Robert Kaufman

I am so excited I get to finally share the news I am a pattern designer for Robert Kaufman. I started working with Robert Kaufman over a year ago in their pattern department. I proof read all the free patterns and answer emails from customers about patterns and some other tasks related to patterns. A couple of months ago I added pattern designer to that list. In case you don't know Robert Kaufman designs free patterns and highlights designer patterns that correspond with the fabric lines being released. On every release there are over 50 free patterns. It's such a great resource for quilters and I am happy to be apart of the team.

My first batch of patterns have released and are available for you to see. Here is how it works. You will see the designs today but won't be able to get the downloadable patterns until the fabric has shipped to the quilt shops. Robert Kaufman will release new fabric lines 4 times a year and then the quilt shops order off those releases. The fabric is set to ship a few months after that release date. The downloaded patterns are usually available around the ship dates. Let's get to the fun part the patterns.

The other really cool thing Robert Kaufman does is they use designer patterns to highlight fabric lines being released. Patterns are picked to highlight the fabrics being released at that time. These are not free and will have a link to the designers website for you to purchase. If you are a quilt shop and you like the quilt you can have it kitted for your shop. Its another great way for quilters and shop owners to see other pattern designers. For this July release Patricia is being used to highlight Bouquet of Roses by Debbie Beaves. Patricia is 10" and 5" friendly and really highlights large and small scale prints. You can purchase the pattern on my website under shop or go to Robert Kaufman to see it on their site.

I will have a free patterns tab on my website that will host all the links to RK website so you can download the pattern once it is available. I am hoping to make some samples of the patterns in the future.

The first design is Dottie and it measures 70-1/2" x 82" . Dottie is made with Artisan Batiks: Dottie and Artisan Batik Prisma Dyes for the sashing and accent blocks. The pattern is made using a Fat Quarter bundle and yardage but you can use a roll up. If you use a roll up you will need at least 2 rolls and yardage to complete the quilt. Pattern available February 2023.

Sticks measures 56" x 68" and is made with 1 roll up and yardage. I made two versions of this quilt. The first version is made with Artisan Batiks: Tranquil Gardens and Artisan Batiks Prisma Dyes for the accent blocks. The second version is made with Wishwell: Color Wheel and Kona solids for the accent blocks. Tranquil Gardens pattern will be available March 2023. Color Wheel pattern will be available January 2023.

Pyramid Crossing measures 70" x 84" and is made with Artisan Batiks: Marshland and Artisan Batiks Prisma Dyes for the accent and inside squares. The pattern is written for a Fat Quarter bundle and yardage. You can use roll ups but you will need more than one to complete the quilt. Pattern will be available March 2023.

Pathways measures 69" x 71" and is made with Secret Garden by Duirwaigh Studios and Quilters Linen for the background. The pattern is written for yardage but you can use charm squares or ten squares but you will likely need more than one to complete the pattern. Pattern available February 2023.

Helix measures 59" x 67" and is made with Fusions by Studio RK and Essex Yarn Dyed for the accent blocks. Helix uses 1 roll-up and yardage. Helix is a great pattern to use a basics fabric line such solids, textured solids and as in this quilt combine some solids with Essex. So much potential. Pattern Available November 2022.

I am very happy to provide these amazing free patterns to you. The patterns listed here will be listed under Free patterns on my website. You can purchase any of my patterns on my website under Shop. I want to introduce to you my new pattern "Quinn" coming this month. Watch my social media pages for more pictures and info about Quinn.

Until next time,


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These quilts are amazing. I especially appreciate seeing the patterns in fabric variations. It shows how versatile the patterns are. Also like that you mention pre-cuts or yardage. Looking forward to following you with Robert Kaufman. I have plans to make some of these patterns.

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