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Rainbow Clara Quilt

Hello, I hope everyone is well and busy creating. Since I created Clara I had a vision of it done in rainbow colors so I made one. With this quilt I wanted to show Clara done with the flying geese blocks in a more scrappy version. Its not the best and it doesn't really give a wow impact like I would of wanted but it sure makes me feel happy. I will be talking about some tips and trick and some different color versions in this blog.

Clara Quilt pattern is made using two different blocks, a Flying Geese block and a Rail Fence block. Like I mentioned above I have had vision of this quilt done in rainbow colors since it's conception. I did something different with this one and used a more scrappy flying geese block. I kept the center of the flying geese the same color but used different hues of the color in the background of the flying geese. As you can see some of the blocks loose a little of their definition if the colors were too similar. I still think it makes an impact and I love how it turned out. The main reason for me making this is I wanted to show you can get creative with this pattern and go scrappy.

I used a variegated thread and a swirl edge to edge design for the quilting. I know people spend allot of time thinking about their backing and binding but I usually don't. If I have extra fabric left over I will use that to bind and I tend to do allot of scrappy bindings to use up fabric. For this quilt I used the extra 2-1/2" strips I had to make a rainbow scrappy binding.

The backing for Rainbow Clara is a Tula Pink rainbow pattern. Fitting, Right? I like to have my backs be a little bit of a surprise when you flip it over. They still go with the quilt but they might be a bit more bold and flashy. It just depends on what I am feeling that day. Sometimes its all about getting it done and using what I have in my fabric collection.

Some Tips and Tricks:

If you are using a roll up for the Rail Fence blocks I would make sure the block measures 8-1/2" once you have sewn the strips together. If they are bigger just trim it to size. The precut 2-1/2" strips tend to be a little bigger because of the pinking on them. If you don't trim your blocks they will not go together smoothly.

I give instructions for doing a 4 at a time flying geese but you can use any method of your choosing as long as they measure 2-1/2" x 4-1/2". I sometimes use the flying geese ruler to trim my blocks but I mostly use a regular quilting ruler. The other tool I use and is one of my favorites is the Diagonal Seam Tape by Cluck Cluck Sew. This allows you to sew your flying geese blocks without having to draw lines on the back of your fabric. This saves so much time.

I wanted to give you some different color options for Clara and here they are. The first one is the Rainbow version but with a two color flying geese block. You can really see the definition of the flying geese block with this version.

I called this version, Bright. This would be great for the college student in your life. The second version is using blues. This has a moody, calm feel to it and is very masculine for the men in your life.

Here is a Fall version and the second one has greens and grays which gives it a minty feel.

I just had to create a Holiday versions. Whether we want to admit it Christmas is right around the corner. I like that this can be used for the holidays but it doesn't have a traditional Christmas feel.

This version I used Christmas in the City by Art Gallery Fabrics. I just love this version and might have to make it. I don't do allot of Holiday sewing but when I do I want it to be non traditional like this.

Clara and my other patterns can be purchased on my website under the shop tab. If you make Clara be sure to share on social media with the #purpledaisyquiltdesigns and #clarapattern. I would love to see all your makes.

Thank you so much for all your support. I greatly appreciate it.

Until Next time,


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