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Raising Hope

I am so excited to finally share Raising Hope with you. It is my first pattern created for a magazine. It is featured in Quilter's World Summer 2023 edition.

I made two versions of this quilt. I wanted to show you can use prints as well as solids. I will show more of the second colorway later this week. I will be posting all week on my social media accounts. You can follow by clicking the links below. I will have some copies of the magazine to sell. If you are interested in reserving a copy please email me or reach out via social media. I will have limited copies so act fast. You can also download a single copy of the magazine on a mobile device. You can do that by going to Quilter's World and subscribe.

It is Roll Up friendly; just add some cornerstones and you have what you need to make Raising Hope. The size can be adjusted by adding and subtracting blocks. For more info on construction pickup a copy of Quilter's World Summer 2023 edition.

I have Sarah Hearts Woven Labels available in my shop now. They are the best quality quilt labels I have ever used. The colors are so bright and cheerful.

Check out the patterns I have available when you are perusing my website. I even have free projects for you to do.

We all want to do what we love and I have the pleasure of sharing that with all of you. Happy Quilting.

All the best,


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