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Sunroom Bargello

Sunroom Bargello is the newest quilt added to my website. A Bargello quilt is a technique that uses strips of fabric sewn together to create an appearance of movement. This technique looks way more complicated than it is. There are many versions out there but this one uses the pattern from Missouri Star. They have a really great Youtube video that walks you through how to do it.

The pattern calls for 3 of the same colors or 3 like colors. Most Jelly Rolls don't come with 3 of the same color so to get enough I had to get 2 Jelly Rolls. If you are using a print then you could use three like colors. I know Missouri Star does have special Jelly rolls that are specific to this pattern that do have 3 of the same colors. This makes it very easy if you have trouble coming up with color combos.

I chose Robert Kaufman's Sunroom Jelly Roll for this quilt, the colors are bright and bold. I didn't use all the colors from the roll. I picked 12 colors and made sure I could get 3 strips of each color. I have enough left over to do another one in a different colorway.

Sunroom Bargello measures 44 x 58 and has the Kona color of the year "Cosmos" as the backing. I machine quilted it with a variegated thread by Signature. With an all over meander design. I choose that design because I didn't want the quilting to compete with the all over movement of the quilt.

Bargello's make such a statement because of how each strip is cut and sewn back together. That is what creates all the movement. I think color choices make a difference in the flow of your quilt. You want to make sure you are choosing colors with enough contrast to see them and so the colors move into each other.

This is such a happy quilt and it certainly brightens up a room. Sunroom Bargello is available for purchase on my website. Go to the shop button and it will direct you to my Etsy page. Be sure to sign up for my news letter. This will allow you to be the first to know about all the new stuff coming up. I will be releasing a new pattern in July called "Patricia" and possibly another one before that. That is still in the works will let you know a release date on that once I have things firmed up a little more.

Until next time,


Purple Daisy Quilt Designs

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