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The Illness That Shall Not Be Named!

It's amazing how something like being sick can really sideline your goals. I recently tested positive for COVID and it really took me down. I pretty much had every typical covid symptom you can imagine; the headache, sore throat, cough, congestion, fatigue and loss of smell. I am not sure which symptom was worse but if I had to pick one; it would be the cough. I am so happy that my brother mentioned calling the doctor and getting the Antiviral. I didn't think it was available to everyone so I am grateful I called within the 5 day window. The antiviral is not like an antibiotic. It prevents the virus from replicating which lessens the length and severity of the illness. If I don't sleep well or over due it then the cough and fatigue become worse. For at least 2 weeks I could only manage to get small things done if anything at all. I am on day 17 and still dealing with a cough and fatigue but all in all I am on the right of this. Last weekend I got my creative energy back and did some sewing and planning.

I finish a sample I am making of Patricia for Robert Kaufman. If you are a quilt shop and have ordered the Flowerhouse- Bouquet of Roses fabric line you can have Patricia kitted. Contact Robert Kaufman for more details. If you are a quilter and like the fabric line ask your local quilt shop if they ordered it. You can purchase Patricia pattern on my website. Check out my blog for different versions of Patricia.

I planned out two fabric pulls for my next pattern. I am so excited about this new pattern and still hoping for a release in November. There are two sizes to this pattern and I am planning on at least three samples one of each size and another one. Here is a peak at the two colorways I have pulled so far.

I finished the two super secret projects coming in 2023. I will get those sent out this week and then I can really focus on the new pattern. I also upgraded my website so that you can purchase patterns and products directly from my website. You can currently purchase digital patterns on my website and in the coming days I will be adding quilts and paper patterns. Until then you will be able to purchase all items at my Etsy shop. I am still working on branding stuff and hoping I can debut it on my next pattern.

I am enjoying the changing of season's and I am excited for all the new stuff coming. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you are the first to know what is happening here. Also, follow me on social for videos and extra content.

All the best,


Purple Daisy Quilt Designs

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